Madonna Calls Obama A “Black Muslim,” Confuses Us All

Sam Lansky | September 25, 2012 12:33 pm

Every so often, a pop star opines about politics in a way that’s well-informed, nuanced and demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the issues at play. But with election season rolling around, it’s time for pop’s finest to start delivering confusing, off-the-mark and inexplicable political commentary. Now that Nicki Minaj has already scratched that itch, another diva has taken her spot: Madonna! (Maybe Nicki’s propensity for poorly-executed political self-expression rubbed off on Madge during the “Give Me All Your Luvin'” video shoot?) Click above to see the video, then read on below for more details.

When Madonna’s MDNA tour stopped in Washington, D.C. on Monday night, Madonna took the opportunity to share her thoughts on the upcoming presidential race. It’s no surprise that she advocated for Barack Obama — but due to her confusing delivery, which seemed enthusiastic rather than sarcastic, it was hard to tell how serious she was being when she called the POTUS “the black Muslim in the White House.”

Given that she quickly followed up by noting that he’s “fighting for gay rights,” it’s safe to assume that she was being sincere. It’s just not clear whether she actually thinks that Obama is Muslim or not. Personally, we’re hoping the Queen of Pop has got to be smarter than that.