Foxes’ “Echo”: Watch Her Court A Crash Test Dummy

Carl Williott | September 27, 2012 2:50 pm

Foxes has premiered the video for “Echo,” her first new song since releasing the Warrior EP (she beat you to it, Ke$ha!) earlier this year. In the quirky clip, Louisa Rose Allen frolics around town with a living crash test dummy. Things are going swimmingly for the couple, but then a home-wrecking female mannequin enters the picture. It is weird and wonderful.

As for the song, “Echo” is built on a bed of strings and piano crescendos, with the soaring vocals that we’ve come to expect from Foxes after hearing songs like “White Coats”. (The bridge here displays some particularly powerful vocal acrobatics.) The single drops on November 11, and should appear on her debut LP next year, but you can watch the video up top.