Hear Kid Cudi’s “King Wizard” From “The Greatest Album Ever Made” (His Words)

Carl Williott | October 3, 2012 10:29 am

Most recently we heard Kid Cudi on the loopy, excellent “Creepers” from Kanye West‘s Cruel Summer compilation, but the G.O.O.D. Music artist is back with “King Wizard.” It’s off his forthcoming Indicud, about which Cudi tweeted: “mark my words, INDICUD will be the greatest album ever made. Know that I’m not lying.” We’ll just let that quote hang there in the ether for a minute.

Like the other Indicud cut we’ve heard (“Just What I Am”) this is a Cudi-produced, mid-tempo track featuring droning, elongated rapping in the chorus. But “King Wizard” differs in its intricacy, with a warped electric piano and an understated military beat gradually blanketed with string plucks and throbs and reverb. Hear it after the jump.

“King Wizard” also has a robotic synth talk-box bridge, and for those keeping score, that’s the third new song in as many days utilizing the ’80s robo-pop/West Coast funk staple (Kendrick Lamar‘s “Compton” and Big Boi‘s “Mama Told Me” being the other two). Perhaps synth squawking is undergoing a resurgence a la the saxophone in 2011? Somewhere, Chromeo is smiling.

[via Complex]

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