Cher Lloyd’s “Oath”: Watch The Sunny Video

Sam Lansky | October 4, 2012 6:00 am

Cher Lloyd‘s stateside takeover seems to be going swimmingly. The UK chanteuse’s album Sticks & Stones already made a big splash, thanks to Lloyd’s hit “Want U Back,” and now she’s launching her second US single, the summery Dr. Luke-produced “Oath,” featuring up-and-coming singer-songwriter Becky G.

“Oath” is about BFF-dom and the spoils of youth, so the video kicks off in detention, where a bored-looking Lloyd taps her pencil and looks at the clock in what we’re assuming is a lovely little homage to Britney Spears “…Baby One More Time” video. Way to honor the legacy of your elders, Cher.

There aren’t any surprises here — Lloyd shares screen time with Becky G, who features prominently in the video, and the girls lead a posse as they get into some innocuous shenanigans. It’s worth noting that Lloyd looks absolutely stunning in a pink bathing suit as she reclines seductively on a red convertible and makes all the boys stare.

But even if it’s a little predictable, “Oath” is a sleek, expensive-looking video that reinforces Lloyd’s image as somewhere between “sexy class clown” and “the bad girl your parents won’t really mind you hanging out with.” Most importantly, it’s a smart complement to the song, which is as surefire a radio hit as any this year. Watch the clip above.

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