Whatcha Say: Adele’s “Skyfall,” Bieber’s Barf & The Nicki Vs. Mariah Drama Got Our Readers Talking

Robbie Daw | October 5, 2012 5:30 pm

Over the past week, Adele‘s James Bond theme song “Skyfall” was released, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey got into an apparent cat fight on the set of American Idol, Bruno Mars unveiled a new single, Christina Aguilera revealed her Lotus album cover and Chris Brown got hammered and threw some video online showing the “real” him…or something. Anyway, our readers got swept up in this tornado of musical mayhem, and thus had plenty to say. Head below for our weekly roundup of your thoughts on all the latest pop fodder.

:: Ray Storey chucked this comment up for Justin Bieber Throws Up On Stage During Opening Night Of His Believe Tour In Arizona: “He was bound to hear his own music eventually.”

:: Fan4me was a fan of Adele’s “Skyfall”: Hear The Full James Bond Theme: “Her vocals are killer on this song!!! What an epic piece. I still need to listen to it some more though to decide if its catchy enough for my iPod.”

:: Soroush J Jozani felt hip hop’s Barb was being super basic on Nicki Minaj Yells At Mariah Carey In Leaked American Idol Video: “Nicki Minaj has no class, or talent to even be sitting at the same table with legends such as Mariah and Keith. She better go join the talentless judges/hoes on the x-factor!”

:: xSushi, however, was screamin’ at Mimi: “Perhaps Mimi needs someone to bring her ass back down to reality…I’ve known some people who’ve worked around her (caterers and make-up people) and she’s been known to be quite rude and arrogant to ‘the help.’ Either way Nicki shouldn’t be mouthing off like that… but I really would like to know what set her off!!”

:: Tavo Corgnali had another idea: “Madonnas’ Die another Day was waaaaaayyy better!”

:: D. thought we missed one on The 10 Best James Bond Songs: “Golden Eye must be added to this list. Tina Turner rocks it out!”

:: SVJ exposed the conspiracy behind Whitney Houston’s 10 Best Songs That Were Left Off Her New Best Of: “They left them off to make it look like she was an 80/90′s star… but in fact she’s been going strong for 30 years. Maybe not selling as many records but neither is any of her equals, Barbara, Cher, Madonna, McCarney, Janet, etc None of them are selling 25mil or 45 mil records anymore. Whatever- NIPPY FOREVER”

:: @smrtmnky had a 1990 flashback over Christina Aguilera’s Lotus Album Artwork: See Lotustina Stripped (Again): “Which Nelson twin is this?”

:: lily was waiting at the pearly gates for Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out Of Heaven”: Hear The New Single: “Bruno is a real artist and this song shows his real love for music, I know that a lot of his young fans will be disappointed because it’s so much different than grenade, marry you and his previous pop songs, I just hope it becomes a decent hit and doesn’t get ignored by the radio.”

:: Danny gasped over Kelly Clarkson Announces New Single “Catch My Breath” From Upcoming Greatest Hits: “I love everything about this because she deserves a proper greatest hits. The cover looks great too. She’s been looking quite husky on the other covers.”

:: Christopher Koulouris tried to play matchmaker on Chris Brown Apparently Reveals The “Real” Version Of Himself In Drunken Video: “Isn’t it time you found a boyfriend like Chris Brown who bangs his ex on the side whilst banging you and then eventually dumping you with a tender fxck you break up love song….?”

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