Lady Gaga’s Zedd Remix “Stache (Princess High Stache)”: Listen

X. Alexander | October 6, 2012 9:57 am

Lady Gaga promised to innovate music in all kinds of ways for her upcoming album/experience ARTPOP, and she’s delivering with the playful way she’s had fans “create” new music for her. Mother Monster tweeted a vocal “Sound Puzzle” for her fans to pair with the track “Stache” by Zedd. Hear the winner below.

Lady Gaga — “Stache (Princess High Stache)”

The result is a pretty decent dance-pop song that only teases us with what ARTPOP may sound like — a lighter sound than Born This Way? Or is it too early to start guessing?

Mostly we’re just distracted by Gaga’s Disney princess neck tattoo in the cover art, though we doubt we’ll be seeing a Disney princess sporting a “Stache” any time soon.

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