Christina Aguilera Talks ‘Lotus’ & “Your Body,” Praises ‘Bionic’ Again

X. Alexander | October 7, 2012 11:46 am

After a largely unsuccessful record, many artists will either acknowledge its shortcomings publicly or sweep it under the rug as if it didn’t exist. Christina Aguilera, however, is taking a different approach — praising 2009’s Bionic like she’s still promoting that album instead of her current offering, Lotus, which drops November 13.

Aguilera started off explaining how important it was for her to make the Max Martin-produced single “Your Body” her own. (Meaning: to out-belt any other artist who might have been considered for the song.) But she couldn’t resist swinging back around in defense of Bionic again, echoing the claims she made about the record in her recent Billboard interview:

Bionic was amazing. That was an experimental record that will surpass time, and maybe was too ahead of its time for certain people. But music people, you know, they really really get my records, and understand that I am constantly evolving and growing.”

But putting aside Bionic (until Christina brings it up again, anyway), what’s in store on Lotus?

“It’s a very multidimensional record, full of layers, and love,” Xtina continued. “There’s a Lotus intro that sort of sets it all up and gives out the tone from the second you put on the record. And it is all about vocals. The first thing you hear — just vocals on the CD. Which was really important for me, coming off The Voice, to inspire that next generation of raw, great, talented vocalists.”

Clearly not suffering from any self-esteem issues at the time of this interview, Aguilera also said she feels it is her “personal responsibility” to keep the spirit of Whitney Houston and Etta James alive. (Implication: no one else out there is talented enough to do it.)

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