LL Cool J Returns With “Ratchet”: Listen

Carl Williott | October 10, 2012 12:10 pm

LL Cool J is getting back in the rap game after spending a few years beating up fake criminals on NCIS: Los Angeles and real criminals when they try to burglarize his home. His new single “Ratchet” is a screed against those gold-digging second-tier divas whom LL promises to “smash” before getting “rid of your ratchet ass.”

It has a bubbly beat reminiscent of Chris Brown‘s “Look At Me Now” with an Akon impersonator singing the hook. The song is off LL Cool J’s forthcoming album Authentic Hip-Hop, which doesn’t yet have a release date. And while the track is nothing groundbreaking, it’s enough to make us momentarily forget about that “deepest, bluest, my hat is like a shark’s fin” travesty. Click through to hear the song and grab a free download.

You can download the track for free over at LL’s website.

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