Rihanna Unveils ‘Unapologetic’ Album Cover, Confuses Everyone Over Title

Sam Lansky | October 11, 2012 7:43 am

Update: Turns out the album is, in fact, titled Unapologetic, according to a tweet from Rihanna, and will be released November 19.

For weeks, every member of Rihanna‘s #Navy has been sitting on their hands breathlessly anticipating news of the Bajan banger’s latest album, and their patience was finally rewarded this morning, when Ri took to Twitter to share the first details of her upcoming LP. Impressively, though, she managed to bungle what should have been a fairly simple tweet: First, she posted the cover artwork on Instagram with the cryptic message, “Find the #ALBUMTITLE in #allBLACKeverything on the #COVER.” This led fans to feverishly speculate that the album was titled either Side Effects or Unapologetic.

But as the Internet lurched into a frenzy and Twitter bent to the point of breaking (okay, not really), Rihanna then deleted that initial tweet, instead posting a string of new tweets leading fans to believe that the initial speculation had been wrong. Confused yet? 

After deleting her initial tweet, she posted:

One thing is for sure: She looks bangin’ with that pixie haircut and the dark, seductive lipstick, and the scrawled handwritten words create a cool effect. Let’s just hope those #hashtags on the #album #cover won’t look incredibly embarrassing a few years from now.

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