Kelly Clarkson Performs “Catch My Breath” Live In Dublin: Watch

Sam Lansky | October 11, 2012 11:57 am

Kelly Clarkson must have been quite breathless after premiering her new single “Catch My Breath” yesterday and then heading onstage to perform in Dublin, but that didn’t stop her from giving the very first live performance of her latest single. “Catch My Breath,” the sparkly, aerobic lead track from her upcoming greatest hits collection, Greatest Hits — Chapter 1, generated major buzz when Clarkson debuted it yesterday on Ryan Seacrest‘s morning show, and she imbued it with as much levity and charm in her live performance as in the studio version.

Clarkson gave the song a fairly standard introduction, explaining again that she’d recorded the song with her go-to sound guy, Jason Halbert, as a sort of unofficial look back over the last ten years of her career. In this video, the real draw is Clarkson’s vocals, which sounded as effortlessly flawless as ever. Watch the performance above.