Beyonce & Missy Elliott Are Up To Something In The Studio

Carl Williott | October 12, 2012 2:58 pm

Whispers that Beyonce is working on her follow-up to 4 got an inkling of credence when Missy Elliott confirmed that the two ladies were together in the studio. The stars previously collaborated on “Nothing Out There For Me” from Missy’s 2002 album Under Construction, but the rapper responded to a tweet that claimed Bey recently played Missy some music in the studio. While details are scant, Elliott tweeted a response confirming that the two were together, in a studio, and that Missy left feeling “very inspired.” According to our AltaVista translator…yep, that means “get ready for a sick collabo on Bey’s next album.”

Click through to see Missy’s tweet confirming the meet-up.

[via That Grape Juice]