Elvis Presley’s Beverly Hills Estate Is For Sale

Christina Lee | October 13, 2012 12:08 pm

Thanks to iconic songs such as “Hound Dog” and “Heartbreak Hotel,” Elvis Presley is one of the world’s top-earning dead celebrities. The latest evidence of how far his fortune stretched: his former Beverly Hills estate, now for sale at a cool $12.9 million.

The gated, 5,367-square-foot property at North Hillcrest Road was built in 1958, purchased by Presley in 1967 and then sold in 1973, after he and his wife Priscilla divorced. Once available for lease at $25,000 per month, the estate now features a resurfaced pool and spa, a brand-new kitchen and a still-breathtaking, panoramic view of the Beverly Hills skyline.

According to real estate website Trulia, the former Presley home is also worth up to 13 times more than other properties within the same zip code and city. But if you can’t afford the posh estate, perhaps you’d be in the market for the house close to the King’s birthplace in  Tupelo, Mississippi — off Elvis Presley Drive — that’s for sale at $179,900.

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