Christina Aguilera Explains Her ‘Lotus’ Album Cover On ‘Sunrise’

Sam Lansky | October 15, 2012 10:48 am

Christina Aguilera has been on her grind promoting her upcoming album Lotus, but one thing that’s still weighing heavy on the minds of many: What’s going on with that album cover? Although Lotustina looks radiant, her provocative pose and camp-glamour styling have raised the eyebrows of, um, the entire Internet, for better or for worse.

But Aguilera wants the fans to look past the nudity, and see through to the inner beauty — or that’s what she explained when she appeared on the Australian morning show Sunrise to discuss her new album era. Watch the clip above, then read on for more details.

“It’s so funny that people even bring up nudity,” Aguilera said, when asked if she felt awkward appearing nude on the album cover. “When I look at it I don’t even see nudity — I see beautiful light… I wanted to do something that didn’t focus anything on fashion, or making a statement, or wearing labels or having anything to do with anything superficial. I wanted it to be raw and honest and real.”

And there you have it. Raw, honest — and highly Photoshopped.