Holy Ghost! Return With “It Gets Dark”: Listen And Probably Dance

Carl Williott | October 16, 2012 10:22 am

With LCD Soundsystem now a mere artifact of the aughts, the DFA Records dance-punk movement now rests in the hands of New York duo Holy Ghost!, so we’re glad they’re back. New single “It Gets Dark” maintains their four-on-the-floor synth beat foundation, but this one adds some fog to their shiny formula. It’s still instantly magnetic ne0-disco, but instead of cheekiness there’s an ethereal darkness to the track, punctuated by the hook of “I hope it all falls apart.”

Perhaps this slightly darker vibe was signaled when they covered Ministry last year, but this being Holy Ghost!, it’s still a fun, danceable affair. But those ghoulish keyboard squalls make it perfect for your upcoming Halloween party. Click through to hear it.