“Lady Gaga” Eaten By Lion In Die Antwoord’s “Fatty Boom Boom” Video

Carl Williott | October 17, 2012 9:18 am

In the new video from South African slum-rap provocateurs Die Antwoord, a male Lady Gaga impersonator in a meat dress takes a safari in the concrete jungle. Things quickly go south (literally) as she gives birth to a locust and then gets eaten by a lion. Also, note the timing of using Gaga’s likeness in a song with “Fatty” in the title. Oh and did we mention one half of the duo — Yo-Landi Vi$$er — dons blackface/blackbody for most of the clip?

Yeah, it’s completely bonkers and visually arresting. But, as with many of the duo’s tracks, the video strategically distracts from the probably mediocre hyper-banger accompanying it.

The Gaga diss seemingly comes out of nowhere, but the two acts do have a connection. Back in March, Die Antwoord’s former label approached them about opening on tour for Lady Gaga — which could have been an updated version of the beautiful disaster that was Beastie Boys opening for Madonna back in the ’80s. But apparently such a commercial move would jeopardize the rappers’ “hardcore” image, so they declined and proceeded to turn the whole thing into a full-scale beef with Mother Monster.