‘The Voice’: Jordan Pruitt Loses The “Hot N Cold” Battle To Adriana Louise

Caila Ball-Dionne | October 24, 2012 6:10 am

We have a sneaking suspicion that The Voice saves the best for last each round. Why else would they make Christina Aguilera wear such a memorable dress for three weeks straight? (Note: not all memories are fond.) No complaints here, though: Tuesday’s (October 23) episode featured powerful battles, some of the strongest voices and most intense competition we’ve seen on the show yet. With a former Disney star, a Lady Gaga backup singer and a teenage prodigy in the mix, it truly was the epic conclusion of The Battle Round.

Head below to see how coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green and Xtina rounded out their Knockout Round teams.

Team Christina, Bout 8: Adriana Louise vs. Jordan Pruitt Team Christina’s final battle features (what else?) pop divas. Former Disney singer Jordan Pruitt takes on New York waitress Adriana Louise. As a fan of the underdog, we’re rooting for newbie Adriana right out of the gate — and that just increases every time Jordan (or Carson Daly) reminds us of her previous success. There’s a reason Cinderella doesn’t have a sequel.

Christina selects Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold” for the ladies, and encourages them to attack it aggressively. The two seem evenly matched during rehearsals, and are given mentor Billie Joe Armstrong’s go-to advice that they must treat this as a competition. Based on the intensity with which they take the stage, it’s clear the Green Day frontman’s words resonated.

It’s a strong battle by both, but Christina picks Adriana, thus ending Jordan Pruitt’s shot at a second chance. If it’s any consolation to Pruitt, she’s got a fan in Blake. As he laments his lack of steals, he asserts “I need her to make a record so I can buy it.” You hear that, Disney? With at least one guaranteed sale, it might be time to revive a career.

Team Blake, Bout 8: Kelly Crapa vs. Michaela Paige Blake puts 15 year-old Kelly Crapa against 16 year-old Michaela Paige in the youngest pairing of the Battle Round. Their similarities stop at their youth, as Blake could not have paired two more diverse artists. Kelly is a country girl through and through, and Michaela has a punk edge and a mohawk that encompasses more hair colors than we’ll see on Christina Aguilera all season.

Punk roots or not, Michaela says, “I’m an unbelievably big fan of Michael Buble,” which, if we’re judging a book by the cover — or a singer by their mohawk — is a big shock. He, in turn, is a fan of Michaela, as the mentor notes, “Michaela’s a 60-year-old black woman trapped in the body of a blond punk girl.” At least we think that screams fandom.

The two ladies sing “I Hate Myself for Loving You” by Joan Jett, and each take their own spin on it. Kelly leans country, and Michaela leans Pink (with a growl). Kelly is a little shaky, while her opponent/team member gives it a few strong runs at the end. Blake goes for talent over genre loyalty, and picks edgy Michaela, punk rock plaid and all.

Team Cee Lo, Bout 8: Avery Wilson vs. Chevonne Cee Lo puts teen phenom Avery Wilson against former Gaga backup singer Chevonne (no last name needed) to sing David Guetta and Sia’s “Titanium.” Though Avery struggles to hit some high notes at first, both singers have the vocal chops to make it a standout battle.

Lucky for these two, it’s the last performance of the Battle Round, and Christina has a steal left. In other words, both Avery Wilson and Chevonne are going to the next round. But while there’s nothing really at stake here, it’s clear that neither singer knows that, putting everything out there in their performances.

We said it during the Blind Auditions, and we’re standing by it now: Avery Wilson has our votes for the season. He blew all four judges away when he performed a Guetta song in the Blind Auditions, and he does it again during this battle. Avery has a cool confidence and smooth dance moves on stage. Chevonne, though a powerful vocalist, just gives too much at every moment — both in her vocals and stage presence. She’s certainly talented, but nothing is left to the imagination with her.

In the end, it’s really no contest, and Cee Lo chooses Avery. By process of elimination, Christina steals Chevonne. Only Chevonne is shocked.

And so ends the Battle Round, with the Knockouts starting next week. Even more exciting: there’s just one week more of The Voice before the live shows (and voting) begin! Any favorites so far? Let us know below!