CMJ Music Marathon 2012: Sky Ferreira Rocks Out At Santos Party House

Sam Lansky | October 19, 2012 12:44 pm

Sky Ferreira has gone through so many incarnations in her career that it was tough to know what to expect from her performance last night (October 18) at Santos Party House in New York City for Neon Gold’s New Shapes CMJ 2012 party: Polished pop princess? Twee indie darling? Snarling rocker? Last night’s set positioned her squarely as the latter, with the singer performing a tight set that was soaked in distortion and muscular guitars.

Platinum blond Cousin It hair obscured Ferreira’s face, and her mien was sulky and apathetic, but in a likable way. Two previously unheard tracks from her forthcoming album showed a rockier edge, Ferreira nearly screaming over the roaring guitars; the final song, “Sad Dream,” taken from her Ghost EP, was a gem of elegantly expressed heartbreak. In the crowd, fans chanted “Sky or Die! Sky or Die!”

During a brief pause toward the end of the set, someone in the audience shouted, “Sing ‘Obsession’!” referring to Ferreira’s circa-2010 Ryan Tedder-produced mainstream pop effort, which she has openly derided in the past. Ferreira winced. “Yeah,” she intoned. “That’s not gonna happen.” And yet, when she launched into her latest single “Everything Is Embarrassing” — easily the most radio-friendly track of the bunch — she actually smiled during the chorus. Maybe the pop princess is still in there after all.

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