Whatcha Say: Beyonce’s Super Bowl Gig & Kanye West’s Photo Scuffle Got Readers Talking

Robbie Daw | October 19, 2012 5:30 pm

This week saw us writing a defense of pop-rock’s so-called “douche” John Mayer, reviewing Brandy‘s new album Two Eleven, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Madonna‘s Erotica and watching Kanye West get slightly physical with a female photographer. Meanwhile, Christina Aguilera revealed her Lotus tracklist, Beyonce announced her upcoming Super Bowl halftime gig and Lady Gaga got eaten by a lion (sort of).

Our readers took to their keyboards to sound off about this tidal wave of pop action, and we, in turn, rounded up some of their remarks below. Read on, music maniacs!

:: ArgyleDisco was hit like a truck by Madonna’s Erotica Turns 20: Backtracking: “Maybe her best album next to Bedtime Stories. Love me some early 90s Madonna!! Excellent article.”

:: heythere greeted In Defense Of John Mayer, On His Birthday: “Well-written article. I think John Mayer is a genius both musically and as a writer/lyricist. In the past, he expressed himself lyrically because that is probably the way he thinks: in metaphors, similes, and illustrative stories, which is why he is an exceptional artist. He’s admitted that he had trouble editing his thoughts into appropriate words and apologized, felt bad about it, etc. He probably learned from it.”

:: adrienne added, “He is an immensely talented singer-songwriter and musician, and also an exceptional live performer. One of the best of his generation. Thanks for bringing a more balanced view to his personal side. Seeing him as being a regular guy who is at times too open and too…”

:: Careem Brown started counted the days after reading Christina Aguilera’s Lotus: See The Full Tracklist: “OMG!! I cannot wait!! I know for sure that ‘Sing For Me’ is about anti-bullying. I also love that there’s so many songs!!”

:: Jed Camara Ocot carved out the following on Christina Aguilera Picks A Pumpkin: “those streaks were OK when Avril did them because she’s Avril and she’s “rebellious,” but on Christina they just make her look really trashy.”

:: Macchio Gargus gave his two cents on Brandy’s Two Eleven: Album Review: “I bought the deluxe album and can say with complete confidence that the only song worth skipping over is ‘Put It Down’, a song that actually confuses the rest of the album for me. Luckily, I downloaded this on I tunes and just removed it from the set. :) With that said, this album is versatile and capable of reaching a wide variety of listeners. Brandy sings about love, sex, anxiety, insecurities, pain, and humility. Though the content may not be as groundbreaking as her previous albums, 2/11 is honestly amazing. ”

:: Brandon Hall was ready to play ball after reading Beyonce To Perform At Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show: “Aw yay-yuh, the best female performer in the biz is going to blow our minds and show the lessers how its really done!. Shes unstoppable. Cant wait.”

:: Jacques Theprophetblog displayed his girl power on The 11 Best UK Girl Groups Of The Past 25 Years: From Spice Girls To Sugababes: “… i think Atomic Kitten should have been above Eternal and The SHATURDAYS, who should have been last or second last. The top three was definitely accurate! I think Sugababes were better than Girls Aloud up until Mutya left. I like Amelle but they lost their magic and their music went downhill and kept getting worse and worse, and then when Jade came in it was the final straw…”

:: Matt lost his appetite over “Lady Gaga” Eaten By Lion In Die Antwoord’s “Fatty Boom Boom” Video: “What a shameful music video. Not only did it disrespect someone who had never done them any harm, but it just wasn’t a very good video unlike some of their others. Deeply disappointed in Die Antwoord’s recent work.”

:: guest2 took a swing on Kanye West’s Paparazzi Scuffle: Now With Video: “Oh my god, that lady is a bitch. With all the money between Kanye and Kim, I hope they hire a full-time reverse paparazzi to haunt her, taking pictures of her where ever she goes so she gets a taste of her own medicine.”

:: Jay struck back, though: “Yeah paps can be filth and down right annoying, but she simply asked a question MANY celebs will get asked about exes & all that crap. She didn’t and shouldn’t have apologised to either of these attention seekers.”

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