Election 2012: Forget The Foreign Policy Debate, Let’s Argue About John Mayer

Erika Brooks Adickman | October 19, 2012 12:51 pm

Earlier this week we came out in defense of John Mayer — a man whose personal life has been discussed far more than his music as of late. Call us crazy, but we didn’t get the feeling that you were siding with us on this one (though the comments on the actual post were in favor of Johnny Boy). So we’ve decided to do something totally unprecedented here on Idolator: we’re going to let you debate us — or, more specifically, our very own Carl Williott, who wrote the impassioned defense of Mayer. Head below for details. Oh, and THERE WILL BE PRIZES.

On Monday, October 22 from 9pm EST to 10:00pm EST you can make your case as to why you think Mayer’s douchery wins out over his wittiness or musical triumphs. Just head to Twitter and tweet @cwilliott using the hashtag #JohnMayerDebate, and Carl will then tweet back his rebuttal. And to keep things civil, @idolator will be the moderator, and you can be sure we’ll be tougher than Jim Lehrer.

Then on Tuesday, October 23 we will then let you, the reader, decide who won the Great John Mayer Debate. (This is a democracy after all.) And we’ll be giving out a prize to two lucky participants! To get the wheels turning, here are a few topics we’ll be covering in the debate:

1. The claim that John Mayer is a Dave Matthews retread

2. Is John Mayer racist?

3. That “sexual napalm” comment

4. C’mon, is he really “presumptuous” for thinking “Dear John” is about him?

5. Reconciling his sappier songs with his John Mayer Trio-era shredders and Frank Ocean noodlers

6. Witty, or just annoying?

7. His guitar faces: what’s up with them?

So use this weekend to start mapping out your strategies and sequestering yourselves with your campaign team to craft the perfect zingers so you can let Carl have it. We’re pretty sure he can take it.

We’ll see you Monday night. God bless America!