Alicia Keys’ “Girl On Fire” Music Video: Watch As She Works Her Magic

Erika Brooks Adickman | October 19, 2012 5:26 pm

Is the temperature rising? No, it’s just the heat radiating from Alicia Keys‘ music video for “Girl On Fire,” the single from the R&B siren’s forthcoming album of the same title. In the vid, the “Listen To Your Heart” singer works a similar sleek, short do as seen on the single cover art. Alicia wears several fantastic, curve-accentuating dresses as she rolls on a bed singing, does chores, pays bills and plays caretaker to her children and an elderly woman. It’s exactly as fabulous as we envision the New York native to look in her everyday life. This girl’s secret, however, is that she’s has that good old Mary Poppins juju. With a snap of her fingers Alicia is able to make books arrange themselves, put toys back in their cubbies and arrange food perfectly onto plates. Gotta love that a female empowerment music video ends with a plug for Bvlgari sunglasses.

What do you think of Alicia’s latest vid?