The Wanted: Maybe Christina Aguilera Isn’t Such A Bitch After All

Sam Lansky | October 22, 2012 6:11 am

The Wanted made headlines back in April for not mincing words about Christina Aguilera during a radio interview: Singer Tom Parker called the Lotus chanteuse “a total bitch” based on their brief encounter during a taping of The Voice, causing a wild backlash from legions of Lotustina fans. Parker apologized (sort of), but a few days later, band member Jay McGuinness made the damage even worse, saying: “We unanimously think that Christina lacks any kind of courtesy or manners or respect for people performing for her.” Yikes.

But lo, salvation is on the horizon! Maybe we can all just get along! 

In a new interview with The Huffington Post, Parker took it back, sort of: “I watched an interview with her on Chelsea Lately the other night and she came across really, really nice so I was a bit like, ‘Oh shit!'” he said. “Maybe she was just having a bad day.”

“He was so…” Max George explained, referring to Parker.

“Yeah, I was having a terrible day,” Parker said. “I was on my period… oh shoot, sorry I apologize!”

It may not be quite the contrition Aguilera fans were looking for, but hey — “really nice” is better than “total bitch.”