Fergie Tells Oprah About Her Crystal Meth Addiction & Hitting Bottom: Watch

Carl Williott | October 22, 2012 9:14 am

Fergie appeared on Oprah’s Next Chapter Sunday (October 21) and opened up about her rough pre-Black Eyed Peas days, when she descended into heavy drug use. The singer revealed that her struggle was ignited when she was still in Wild Orchid and had aspirations of going solo – but instead of talking it out with the other girls in the group, she bottled up the stress and found her release by using ecstasy and eventually crystal meth.

In 2001, within a year’s time, she was using every day and weighed a slight 90 pounds. The singer tells Oprah it got to the point where she had intense paranoia and thought the FBI was after her. She finally pulled it together and had “a conversation with God” to break her destructive pattern. Check out the clip up top.