Pitbull & Christina Aguilera’s “Feel This Moment”: Hear The Snippet

Sam Lansky | October 22, 2012 1:41 pm

The unthinkable has happened: Alaska-touring soul patch Pitbull and celebrity lotus flower Christina Aguilera have recorded a song together, and it’s Latin superstar overload. A snippet of the track, titled “Feel This Moment” and taken from Pitbull’s upcoming studio album Global Warming, has just leaked online, and it’s kind of a doozy.

Interpolating the hook from Norwegian synthpop outfit A-Ha‘s famous 1985 hit “Take On Me,” but in a souped-up 2012-friendly format, the song sees Pitbull doing his typical Pitbull swag-shtick (“Reporting live, from the tallest building in Tokyo!”) and Aguilera gamely meeting him halfway with a memorable chorus: “One day when my light is glowing, I’ll be in my castle golden / But until the gates are open, I just wanna feel this moment.” (Or something like that, since those lyrics don’t totally make sense.) Hear a preview of the track after the jump.

Admittedly, Aguilera’s performance on “Feel This Moment” fares better than her yowling on Chris Mann‘s cover of “The Blower’s Daughter,” which also debuted online earlier today, but still, we were expecting a little more from the self-proclaimed innovator. Listen to the song below.

 Pitbull feat. Christina Aguilera – Feel This Moment