Brandy Covers ‘Vibe Vixen’, Talks Whitney Houston, ‘Two Eleven’ & The Election

Erika Brooks Adickman | October 23, 2012 12:16 pm

Who better than Brandy to cover the October/November issue of Vibe Vixen? The “Wildest Dreams” songbird is smoldering in her hot pants, high heels and leather jacket for the latest issue. (The belt-between-the-boobs look does remind us a bit of Nicki Minaj‘s dominatrix leotard in “The Boys” music video.) Below, the R&B siren speaks on the passing of Whitney Houston, her latest album Two Eleven and whether we can expect her to star in another sitcom.

On the difference in making Two Eleven: I had a little bit more guidance that I trusted with this album. It just felt like the beginning of my career; how I felt with Atlantic Records. Having my first A&R on board [Breyon Prescott], I just really trusted them and what my album should be—helping bring back the genre of R&B music.

On the significance of Two Eleven’s title: February 11th will never be the same…It just didn’t seem right the way she passed. I was angry, I was confused, but as I started to process it all, I just started to feel like there was a responsibility that she passed on to me to stay true to [the music]. She gave me the dream and possibility, and I have to do that same thing for other people. This music thing is not just about me anymore. It’s about the people that I’m relating to. People need music.

On whether she’ll do a song for the late Whitney Houston: I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.

Would she ever consider another lead sitcom role?: That’s the goal, to definitely do another television show of my own. There are some ideas that I’ve had for a long time. You never know what happens, but I would definitely be open to doing another television show.

On the importance of voting in the 2012 presidential election: So many have gone through so much, especially African Americans, to get the opportunity to vote. I remember my first time voting. My mom took me and held my hand. It gives you a voice on what you want and what you need. I think it’s so important for us to get out there and vote.

What do you think of Brandy’s Vibe Vixen cover?