John Mayer Debate 2012: Who Won?

Erika Brooks Adickman | October 23, 2012 2:24 pm

On Monday night (October 22), Idolator made history by hosting the first official John Mayer Debate on Twitter. Inspired by the divisive statements made in the In Defense Of John Mayer essay by our own Carl Williott, we opened up the floodgates and let members of the Twitterverse spar with our editor in a cyber battle for the ages. Relive the highlights from last night’s debate below, and then take to the polls to tell us who won: the Mayer haters or Team John. (Next year we’re totally going to get that CNN wavy-line thing.) Serving as moderator, Idolator started the debate with this opening question:

Is John Mayer just a Dave Matthews imitator?

However, we had already seen some Haterade thrown at JM earlier in the day. Including:

Rage continued to pour from @nseeya with this response:

But Carl made this case:

@laniesa chimed in with:

Carl ended that round by firing back with:

Question 2 brought us the topic of Taylor Swift. Is John really “presumptuous” to think that “Dear John” is about him? Madeline’s tweet wasn’t pro or against John per se, but it was definitely anti-Taylor

Kyle played the “He Should Know Better” card:

 And this Mayer fan girl retorted with:

Carl’s stance? He ended up siding with Madeline on this one:

We turned up the controversy even more with our next question: John called Jessica Simpson “sexual napalm”… Does that make him a jerk?

Carlos came out swinging — against JSimp:

Laniesa also sided with Mayer:

Maite was less understanding:

Carl stood firm, summing up his platform with:

Which brought us to our fourth question of the night:  Is John witty or just annoying. Please explain your stance. Jamie got things rolling with:

  And Love John echoed her opinion:

But Jillyrh made a valid point:

Carl’s POV?:


We finally wrapped up the evening with what is perhaps the most important question of all: John’s guitar faces, seriously what is up with them? Sonya clearly held no punches with this response:

But Cherri reacted with:

Jillyrh, it seemed, could not agree less:

Carl stuck to his guns, explaining:

Then he left us with this final thought as his closing statement:

Now for the moment of truth: Who won the debate? Vote for the winner below. Polls will be open until Friday, October 26.

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