Taylor Swift’s “Begin Again” Music Video: Watch Her Romantic Afternoon In Paris

Erika Brooks Adickman | October 23, 2012 4:58 pm

This week alone Taylor Swift has painted Times Square Red and is expected to sell 1 million copies of her latest album, so why is she so blue? Oh, that’s right: the country-pop sensation is mending a broken heart in her music video for her sad but sweet ballad “Begin Again”. Watch Tay as she strolls along the Seine, makes the classic girlie “Yay, fruit tarts!” face while indulging in French pastries, bike rides through the city and happens upon Paris’ most handsome specimen (save for Louis Garrel).

Our biggest problem with Taylor’s latest video (aside from the fact that she gets to live out nearly every woman’s fantasy of falling in love in Paris), is that we can’t tell what decade this video is set in. Is this France in the 1960s or is this just more of her uber-retro looks?

Did Taylor’s latest vid make you swoon? 

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