TVXQ’s “Catch Me” Video: Watch The K-Pop Clip

Sam Lansky | October 26, 2012 1:21 pm

“Gangnam Style” isn’t the only K-pop clip featuring awe-inspiringly dextrous dance moves that deserves to be the topic of conversation: We’re also a little obsessed with “Catch Me,” the recent video from K-pop duo TVXQ, which is glossy, high-concept and absurdly cool. Following the common style of Korean-language lyrics with an English-language hook, the song — which is a thunderous track of Euro-inspired house music interspersed with impressively nasty dubstep breaks — wouldn’t sound out of place on an Usher album if it were recorded in English.

The video, on the other hand, feels distinctly Asian in its high-gloss wildness, and the high production values and zany costumes testify nicely to the spectacle that is K-pop. We wouldn’t be surprised if TVXQ are the next act to break stateside. Watch the video up top.