Scissor Sisters To Go On Hiatus: Report

Robbie Daw | October 25, 2012 7:20 am

Scissor Sisters made our early-2012 Best Albums Of The Year list (for latest release Magic Hour) and generated huge buzz all summer long for their club hit “Let’s Have A Kiki.” Alas, Magic Hour quickly tumbled down the chart, and sometimes buzz does not equal crossover success. Now the band are reportedly taking “a hiatus.”

According to PopJustice, the band played London’s Hammersmith Apollo last night — a gig that had Jake Shears announcing, “This will be the last time we will play in London for quite some time.” Adding to that, Ana Matronic stated that the Sisters’ UK fans were “the ones who got us first – and always get us best.” At an after-party, Shears also reportedly said, “Don’t you worry – this isn’t the last you’ve heard of us.” Definitely news to discuss at the next kiki you have.