Whatcha Say: Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’, Kelly’s Obama Endorsement & Everything Xtina Got Readers Talking

Carl Williott | October 26, 2012 5:30 pm

This week we handed out glowing reviews to Taylor Swift‘s Red and Kendrick Lamar‘s good kid, m.A.A.d city, we celebrated Britney‘s Blackout on its fifth anniversary and we overflowed with Christina Aguilera coverage.  Xtina in particular stole the show with her anti-blogger tirade and guest spots on songs with Pitbull and Chris Mann. Not surprisingly, our readers wanted to get in on all this action, so we’ve gathered some of our favorite comments below. Read on, pop prophets!

:: Brittany Love was onboard with our glowing 4.5/5 on Taylor Swift’s Red: Album Review: “Finally.. a review worth mentioning. I think this is Taylor’s best album to date! Red, I almost do, Come back be here and Begin again…are personal favorites. But there isn’t one song on this album I can’t listen to over and over again.”

:: Anton was turned off by all the glossy pop trappings, though: “what i particularly didn’t like in some songs in ‘red’ is the electronic music….her songs sound much better with nice guitar, drums… but in new songs there are elements of that 21ST century cheap electronic ‘music’.”

:: Jed Camara Ocot agreed with our middling rating in Leona Lewis’ Glassheart: Album Review: “The album is a complete bore. It also sounds dated…especially where dubstep is apparent.”

:: Joe Grasso, however, took issue with the review: “You spend an entire review comparing Leona to Mariah which seems lazy. You didn’t review the album on its own merit but by what you think she should accomplish as a Mariah successor, which is unfair and reductive.”

:: perera took issue with our (positive) take in Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d city: Album Review: “You either don’t know hiphop, or just skimmed through the album..give it a second spin and try this again.”

:: Teule was a big fan of Lamar’s GKMC, as we saw in his comment after Kendrick Lamar’s ‘good kid, m.A.A.d city’: Review Revue: “This album is an insant classic as it combines the art of storytelling, theatrics, lyrical prowess, and naked truth.”

:: Tellus was one of a handful of Xtina supporters who were none too pleased when we put together our cheeky roundup Christina Aguilera’s ‘Billboard’ Q&A: Read Her 5 Shadiest Quotes: “Your snark is much less funny than you think it is. It’s an unwarranted and transparent attempt to twist her words out of spite.”

:: kj co-opted Xtina’s description of bloggers (“God-knows-who in Buttfuck-wherever writing hate-shit”) to bully our blogger, before making a much heavier point about bullying: “Good for her for speaking up for herself. People seriously feel like they can say or write anything about anyone and have there be no repercussions. It’s no wonder so many kids take that mentality to school with them and so use it on others. This is why so many kids end up killing themselves from being bullied. This idea that everyone is allowed to say whatever caustic thought that comes into their heads about other people is what is destroying society and filling it with a bunch of discompassionate a-holes.”

:: XC focused her sights on The Wanted and defended Xtina’s legacy at the bottom of The Wanted: Maybe Christina Aguilera Isn’t Such A Bitch After All: “The Wanted are receiving their karma as we speak. Their album is one big FLOP and can’t sell in the US, whilst Xtina is being offered millions on sideprojects, being honored in Washington by Hilary Clinton for her philanthropy work, is releasing a fragrance/albums, and is the voice of her generation.”

:: Justin SanDiego rallied around Kelly Clarkson after reading Election 2012: Kelly Clarkson Voting For Obama Because Of Gay Marriage Issue: “It’s awesome knowing she supports gay love, it was kinda apparent already in her “dark Side” video. but hey, good to confirm i guess. Hopefully her newer country fans won’t give her the Dixie Chicks treatment.”

:: JoS took part in a spirited debate about Ciara‘s dance influences in the comments on Ciara’s “Got Me Good” Music Video: Looks Like CiCi Has Got A Case Of The Ex: “People need to stop comparing Ciara to Janet, Mya, Beyonce. Remember who’s the ULTIMATE inspiration to all these girls- Michael Jackson. And Ciara is the best at channeling him.”

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