Carly Rae Jepsen’s “This Kiss” Video: Watch The ’80s-Inspired Clip

Sam Lansky | October 29, 2012 6:46 am

It’s been a long wait for Carly Rae Jepsen‘s solo follow-up to “Call Me Maybe” (her duet with Owl City on “Good Time” notwithstanding), and the video for her new single “This Kiss” has finally premiered. So does it deliver on the anticipation? Yeah — sort of!

The J-poppy, arcade synths that comprise the instrumentation of “This Kiss” would have suggested (to us, anyway) that a hyper-vibrant visual style would have made sense, but instead, “This Kiss” is mostly shot through a dark, charcoal glaze, with lots of shots of dark, crowded dancefloors and Jepsen’s smoky makeup. It still feels ’80s — the clothes give that away — but aesthetically, the video doesn’t totally translate for us. Although we’re probably just bitter than we missed yet another killer party with a game of Suck & Blow. 

“This Kiss” is crowded with too-long shots of Jepsen performing in the center of a club space, and the other ideas at play here — Jepsen with her friends in retro outfits, a modelesque dreamboat with ’90s blond hair, weird photo-booth set-ups and a psychedelically-hued underwater kiss — don’t feel fully explored.

Then again, given how “This Kiss” has flatlined on the charts — it’s a deliciously infectious track, but not an obvious hit — Jepsen may do better to scrap the whole campaign and push out a song like her Max Martin-penned “Tonight I’m Getting Over You” as a single. At this point, she needs a surefire global smash, and not just maybe.

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