One Direction’s “Little Things”: Review Revue

Robbie Daw | October 30, 2012 8:51 am

One Direction are a little less crazy, crazy, crazy on new song “Little Things,” and a lot more slowed down — not to mention observant of the flaws their objects of desire possess. It’s the first time American radio is being served a ballad from the UK boy band. Will audiences hear lap it up like they did with more upbeat offerings “What Makes You Beautiful” and “Live While We’re Young”? And what did the critics have to say about this, the second single from upcoming LP Take Me Home (out November 13). Head below for a roundup of reviews.

:: Entertainment Weekly thinks the lads come off sounding disingenuous: “One Direction doesn’t — they simply can’t — love each of their fans as much as they say they do. Not in the way an insecure person needs to be loved to escape that awful cycle of self-reflection. They’re an international phenomenon touring the globe and clinking glasses with the rich and beautiful, not psychiatric counselors. Their therapy by way of crooning is simply undercooked.”

:: HitFix goes on the defensive: “Yeah, it’s sweet, but, you know what, dude? We don’t need for you to point out that it’s those things that make you love us. We just want you to pretend they don’t exist and that you don’t see them. Now all you’ve done is make us more self-conscious. Just like how your bald spot and your hairy back are two of the little things that make you all the more lovable to us.”

:: Celebuzz offers some backhanded shade when referring to songwriter Ed Sheeran: “…the acoustic song sounds more like a B-side off Sheeran’s debut album than a 1D track.”

:: OK Magazine is a bit more easily impressed: “If there’s one way to start a Monday morning it’s this way. One Direction have unveiled their brand new single, ‘Little Things’ — and it’s the best thing we’ve heard all day (despite it only being 10am).”

:: The Mirror had this to say: “One Direction unveiled their new single “Little Things” and by all accounts, it might make you cry into your porridge — so be careful.”

:: Sugarscape offered up this poetry: “One Direction’s new single ‘Little Things’ got its first play this morning and reduced the nation to a pile of quivering wrecks, shaking like a dog having a poo, covered in an endless stream of tears.”

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