Christina Aguilera Debate: Is The Media Too Hard On Xtina?

Erika Brooks Adickman | October 30, 2012 11:25 am

On Friday (October 26), our post on Christina Aguilera‘s Billboard Q&A did more than ruffle a few feathers. Xtina fans had some choice words for Idolator’s Sam Lansky regarding his level of “snark” — so we’re going to take this to the schoolyard (aka Twitter). Today, October 30 at 5 p.m. ET/2 p.m. PT you can spar directly Sam in a good old fashioned Twitter debate. Details and talking points below.

So this evening, make your case as to why you think the media (that includes us!) is too hard on Christina Aguilera. Just head to Twitter and tweet @samlansky using the hashtag #XtinaDebate, and Sam will then tweet back his rebuttal. And to keep things civil, @idolator will be the moderator, and you can be sure we’ll be tougher than your high school debate coach.

To get the wheels turning, here are a few topics we’ll be covering in the debate:

  1. Christina Aguilera’s relationship with the media: Discuss.
  2. Is Christina Aguilera capable of laughing at herself or is she too self-serious?
  3. Bionic: Misunderstood masterpiece or unparalleled flop?
  4. Does Christina Aguilera intend to shade other recording artists or is everyone reading way too much into it?
  5. The Wanted calling Christina a bitch: Out of line or refreshingly outspoken?

Then on Wednesday, October 30 we’ll let you, the reader, decide who won the Christina Aguilera debate. (This is a democracy, after all.)

Start mapping out your debate strategy now, and be sure to come prepared with zingers. We’re pretty sure Sam can take it.

Best of luck!