Chris Brown Dressed Up As A Terrorist For Halloween & Offended Everyone

Sam Lansky | November 1, 2012 11:14 am

Those of us who already found Chris Brown contemptible have another weapon in our figurative arsenal: The R&B singer and his “clique” dressed up as terrorists for Halloween. (We’re assuming, anyway, since long robes, cartoonish beards, turbans and assault rifles would certainly suggest that “terrorist” was the intended impression.) As usual, he managed to piss off most of the Internet in the process.

Worse still, he wore the costume to his on-again, off-again girlfriend Rihanna‘s Halloween party in Hollywood last night (October 31), which seemed oddly fitting, given that he once infamously terrorized her. Pro tip, Breezy: It’s probably a bad idea to dress up in a violent costume if you have a well-documented and public history of violent behavior.

This morning, various news outlets described the ensemble using a wide vocabulary of colorful language, ranging from “questionable” to “terrible” to “horrifically offensive,” although his fans were, as always, quick to defend the embattled singer. We’re going to have to say it, too — this costume is a massive bummer that does nothing to endear us to Brown. Your move, Team Breezy.