Willy Moon’s “Yeah Yeah” Video Earns That Extra “Yeah”

Carl Williott | November 1, 2012 3:08 pm

Meet Willy Moon. Actually, you may already know him from the new iPod commercial featuring his song “Yeah Yeah,” so it’s safe to say the guy’s about to blow up. His music (or, what we’ve heard so far, anyway) is a kinetic fusion of soulful rock vocals and hip-hop arrangements. ZZ Ward combines similar elements, but while her songs are gritty and intimate, Moon’s are bombastic and bursting at the seams, like if Girl Talk hired Alex Clare to sing over his sample collages.

The Alex Courtès-directed video for “Yeah Yeah” is equally active, with a couple dozen black-clad dancers flanking Moon in his sky blue suit. The song is out now digitally, and is the title track to Willy’s EP, which drops December 4.