Lady Gaga Working To “Make History” With RedOne On ‘ARTPOP’

Sam Lansky | November 2, 2012 8:51 am

RedOne helmed many of Lady Gaga‘s signature hits, and fans hoping for more big dance songs from Mother Monster won’t be disappointed to hear that the two are working together again — even if they’re not clocking actual hours in the studio. In a new interview with MTV News, the Swedish-Moroccan megaproducer revealed that he and Gaga are hard at work on her upcoming album ARTPOP. “We couldn’t get together in the studio,” he said, “but we’ve been sending ideas back and forth, and it’s very focused on writing really good songs and, of course, with the vibe of different sounds, different kinds of productions.”

As for what they’re doing, RedOne has a simple answer: “It’s all about good songs,” he explained. “You can go crazy as you want sonically, which is always what I try to do… Number one is to make a dance song that is like, ‘Oh my God!'” And while the producer wouldn’t reveal any solid details about what he and Gaga have put together so far, he said, “My intent is the same thing: make history. If we don’t feel like this is part of history again, we’re not going to do it, but we’re enjoying [the process]. We love doing music, so it will be interesting to see what’s going to happen.”

Maddeningly vague, but hey, at least they’re setting the bar high. If nothing else, ARTPOP should be, um, historical.

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