Young Jeezy Has A Post-Election Hangover On “We Done It Again”: Listen

Carl Williott | November 7, 2012 10:34 am

While most musicians were exuberant following President Obama‘s re-election last night (November 6), Young Jeezy seems to have a post-election hangover. He has dropped the political song “We Done It Again,” and while it’s a celebration of Obama’s victory, the lyrics focus on the myriad ills still facing the country. Proclaiming “We waitin’ on a savior, maybe Barack,” Jeezy goes through a checklist of problems he hopes the president will address in his second term: “When you can’t feed your family and kids, what’s the solution? / Only one word for that, a revolution…99 percent of the country, they in debt / trillion dollar deficit, nigga, that’s a definite.” Listen to it after the jump.