Ke$ha’s “Die Young” Video: Watch Her Get Sexy As A Cult Leader

Sam Lansky | November 8, 2012 5:27 am

Ke$ha has been teasing the video for her new single “Die Young” for months now, and the clip finally dropped today. As promised, “Die Young” sees K$ as a cult leader being worshiped by a band of sexy people in the jungle — and the video is packed with Satanic imagery and Illuminati references, sexy writhing and flawlessly executed choreography, and glamour shots of a swagged-out Ke$ha having an orgy in an abandoned Mexican church.

And yet, “Die Young” is snoozier than all that content would suggest, as though none of those weird thrills are quite weird or thrilling enough, or someone on the production end didn’t commit to making the video as much of a freakshow as initially conceived. Oh well! At least she looks good.

With plenty of time to turn out exhilarating singles and videos from her upcoming LP Warrior, Ke$ha is bound to deliver something as exhilaratingly inventive as “Blow” again before too long — it’s almost inevitable. Watch the “Die Young” video up top.

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