Lady Gaga Performs “Cake Like Lady Gaga” In Rio

X. Alexander | November 11, 2012 10:42 am

What’s the deal with pop stars and cake lately? First Rihanna rapped about “Birthday Cake” when it’s not even her birthday, then Miley Cyrus smashed the stuff all over Borgore because “bitches love cake.” Now Lady Gaga is performing her under-the-radar track “Cake Like Lady Gaga” at her Rio de Janeiro show. Watch some incredibly shaky fan-shot footage of the show above — if you have a strong stomach against motion sickness.

Once we can actually see what’s going on, it looks like Gaga was having a fine, relaxed time performing the track, with much less theatricality than we’re used to her. We could get into that!

Will there be more like “Cake Like Lady Gaga” on ARTPOP, or is this just a side experiment? Which would you prefer?