One Direction Perform “Little Things” On ‘The Today Show,’ Announce 3D Movie

Sam Lansky | November 13, 2012 9:20 am

One Direction‘s new album Take Me Home hits stores today (November 12), and between a busy schedule of making sure their hair looks great and winking rakishly at tweens, the British boy band took the stage during the Toyota Concert Series for The Today Show in New York City this morning. There, they performed their singles “What Makes You Beautiful” and “Little Things” and made an announcement to fans that should surprise literally nobody familiar with the career trajectories of Katy Perry and Justin Bieber: They’re making a 3D concert movie, y’all! Cue the deluge of “1D is going 3D” lines from every tired entertainment reporter in the world.

The boys explained that the 3D film will be due out in August 2013, though, so don’t start saving your pennies just yet. Their performances were lively and sweet — what you could hear of them over the screams of the audience — and Matt Lauer reported that the turnout to see them perform was their “biggest concert ever.” Al Roker made a similar observation, forcing a grim smile, a steely fear in his eyes, the tiny wrists of children clawing for the stage: “We have never, ever had a crowd this big. This one breaks all the records.”

Somehow, that doesn’t surprise us. Watch “Little Things” up top, then see “What Makes You Beautiful” below.

One Direction — “What Makes You Beautiful”

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