Madonna Strips For Sandy Relief, Probably To One-Up Lady Gaga’s $1 Million Donation

Carl Williott | November 13, 2012 12:56 pm

Well, at least the MadonnaLady Gaga feud is now being used for good. During her Madison Square Garden show on Monday night (November 12), in between Gaga barbs, Madge decided to strip to raise money for people affected by Hurricane Sandy. We can only assume Madonna did this to one-up Lady Gaga’s $1 million gift to the Red Cross.

“I went down to Rockaway Beach yesterday with my children and…we saw the destruction,” she said, according to MTV. “It was really sad but we also saw amazing acts of humanity.” That moving scene inspired the Material Girl to act, so she performed a stripped-down striptease version of “Like A Virgin,” natch.

“This money is not for me,” she said. “We are collecting money for victims of Hurricane Sandy so please feel free to be generous as I freeze my ass off.” Apparently the crowd heeded her call and began to make it rain on the stage, though we’re not sure how the fans in the nosebleeds were able to contribute to the cause.