Lana Del Rey’s Next Single Is “Cola”: What Will Taste Like Pepsi Cola In The Radio Edit?

Carl Williott | November 14, 2012 9:03 am

On the heels of the release of her lovely Paradise EP and the reissue Born To Die: The Paradise Edition, Lana Del Rey told Just Jared that her next single will be the sultry, controversial Paradise cut “Cola.” Of course, that song’s first line is a haymaker of absurd sexual braggadocio of the type that is usually reserved for the hip-hop realm: “My pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola.”

Even without its attention-grabbing opening salvo, the song is worth talking about. It’s all smoky decadence and showcases Lana’s surprisingly strong voice. But this announcement has us thrilled to hear the radio edit. Will the reference to her soda-flavored body part simply be muted out? Will she replace the P-word, and if so, with what? Skin? Lips? Body? Swagger? The possibilities are endless.

In the interview, Lana also revealed that her favorite tracks on the reissue are “Cola” and “Bel Air,” with the latter being her most personal song. Additionally, she wants to use that song and “Gods And Monsters” for a short film, possibly with her frequent video collaborator Anthony Mandler. Lastly, the singer shot down those rumors that she was was the face of a new Versace campaign: “I don’t know where that came from! Versace is a brand that we love, but… we’re not working together.”

Read the full interview here.