Ke$ha’s “C’Mon”: Hear The Fun But Familiar Song

Carl Williott | November 15, 2012 3:49 pm

Ke$ha‘s Warrior track “C’Mon” has leaked and, you guys, we’re kind of disappointed. It’s another fun party anthem, yes, but it fails to deliver on all these enchanted forest “cock pop” promises K$ keeps throwing our way in the lead-up to the album’s December 4 release.

“C’Mon” has some interesting vocal chants looping in the background, but Lady Dolla dips back into the sing-rapping well to cover her familiar party tropes (“Feeling like I’m a high school-er / Sipping on a warm wine cool-er”). While this and (the superior) “Die Young” successfully pull off the glossy, feel-good pop thing, we hope she’s throwing us off her scent and that the new LP’s remaining tracks will reveal the ghost-humping, Flaming Lips-collaborating pop weirdo that lurks within. Hear the song after the jump.