Will.i.am & Britney Spears “Scream And Shout” And Let It All Out: Hear The New Track In Full

X. Alexander | November 17, 2012 11:06 am

It’s Britney and will.i.am, bitch.

Naturally, the most exciting news about will.i.am’s upcoming LP #willpower was a collaboration with one Britney Spears. Could the “Big Fat Bass” get even bigger this time around?

Well, now the full “Scream and Shout” is here, and we’re pleased to report that it’s pretty good — and slightly kooky. An almost unrecognizable Brit Nicki Minaj-ifies her vocals with a British accent, and there’s even a callback to the immortal lyric “It’s Britney bitch” from “Gimme More.” What’s not to love?

Britney Spears & will.i.am — “Scream And Shout”

“When you hear us in the club, you’re gonna turn this shit up,” Britney sing-talks, which is probably accurate.