Bruno Mars’ “Moonshine”: Hear Him Channel Michael Jackson On New Song

Sam Lansky | November 19, 2012 8:54 am

Bruno Mars‘ jukebox really is getting unorthodox — at least as far as his references are concerned. First, he evoked The Police on “Locked Out of Heaven,” the lead single from his upcoming LP Unorthodox Jukeboxand in a new song which was just revealed, he’s channeling another ’80s pop icon: Michael Jackson. (There’s a little bit of Prince in there, too, but Mars’ vocals sound eerily like Jacko in his prime.)

According to Mars’ recent interview with Rolling Stone, Prince was the influence for the track, though — with a little actual moonshine providing additional inspiration: “We drank it all night, then headed to the studio – Jeff ­got on keyboards, Mark starts playing electronic drums that sound like ’80s Prince and I started screaming, ‘Moonshine, take us to the stars!'” Fortunately, all that drinking paid off on the song, which is probably our favorite effort from Mars to date. Listen below.

Bruno Mars — “Moonshine”

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