Paris Hilton & Lil Wayne’s “Last Night”: Listen To The Leaked Single

Sam Lansky | November 20, 2012 6:52 am

The music journalism community was rocked by recent news that due to Paris Hilton‘s split from her boyfriend, celebrity DJ Afrojack, the release of the media mogul-turned-dazzling chanteuse’s hotly-tipped comeback single “Last Night” (produced by her former flame) had been canceled. Instead, the song was unceremoniously chucked onto Pitbull‘s latest release featuring a vocal from Havana Brown — a woeful fate to befall what some critics called “the greatest song of the 21st century.” (Okay, that quote is made up.)

But hark! The gods smiled upon us once more, as late last night (November 19), the original version of “Last Night” — with Hilton on vocals and a rap from Lil Wayne — was leaked. And around the globe, the sun shone a little bit brighter, and there were joyful screams of children celebrating in the streets. “She’s back!” they cried, their voices full of hope and their hearts full of song. “The true Queen of Pop is back!”

The party anthem of the century starts off with a frosty house beat, showing that Hilton’s vocals are typically dulcet — and if anything, stronger than on her debut, 2006’s misunderstood masterpiece Paris — as she sings what’s easily the year’s most evocative chorus: “I can’t believe what we did last night / I wanna say, ‘Oh my God, that was so much fun’ / I’ll never forget it, telling everyone about last night.”

For his part, Weezy is droll as ever, rapping: “Last night was awesome/Super fuckin’ awesome.” Yup.

While it may never be possible to right the injustice of depriving the charts of this iconic smash, at least the leak ensures that Hilton’s musical talent won’t go unacknowledged. Listen to the track below.

Paris Hilton & Lil Wayne — “Last Night”

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