One Direction’s Disembodied Heads Sing “Kiss You” In UK’s TalkTalk Commercials

X. Alexander | November 25, 2012 12:04 pm

Directioners might be torn about the lads’ series of TalkTalk ads. On the plus side, each member of One Direction has his own ad, featuring him singing along to Take Me Home‘s “Kiss You.” On the minus side, the boys are singing on TV screens that have clearly been planted on some other dancer’s body, which is a little creepy. (And Zayn, for some reason, gets two heads.) Then again, even 1D’s disembodied heads is better than no 1D at all, right? Watch the rest of the promos after the jump!





Were the boys just too busy to use their own bodies in the shoot? Either way, let’s hope the full “Kiss You” video features 1D heads, bodies, and all.