Skylar Grey & Eminem’s “C’mon Let Me Ride” Video: Many Bikes, One Three-Breasted Woman

Carl Williott | December 11, 2012 9:52 am

Skylar Grey and Eminem promised the video for “C’mon Let Me Ride” would find the pair goofing off, and this clip certainly delivers. Skylar takes a page from Em’s playbook, as the whole thing takes place in a wooded trailer park. Like a female Slim Shady, Grey sabotages several women who are tanning or looking to get some plastic surgery. SPOILER ALERT: the high jinks result in a three-breasted woman.

Since Skylar sings about wanting to ride a man’s bicycle (euphemism), the video also features several customized bicycles (not a euphemism). But, shockingly, the lyric video is more suggestive than this clip. Watch it up top.