‘The Voice’: Former Contestants Juliet Simms, Chris Mann & Raelynn Perform

Caila Ball-Dionne | December 12, 2012 6:10 am

Keeping with the Christmas theme of Monday night’s episode, the ghosts of contestants past come to haunt the stage on Tuesday night’s episode of The Voice. Former hopefuls Juliet Simms, Raelynn and Chris Mann give a glimpse of what the future has in store for the finalists (spoiler alert: low-to-moderate commercial success and contractually-guaranteed appearances on next season of The Voice). In addition to their performances, the former finalists also offer some expert insight as to what the remaining contestants must be thinking. “They’re thinking, ‘Am I going home? Or am I going to win?’” explains Juliet. It’s a damn good thing she clarified that for us!

Juliet performs her new single, “Wild Child,” wearing a jacket inspired by Britney’s greatest hits album cover…and lack of pants inspired by Brit Brit’s 2007 VMA’s disaster. Her pop-rock performance will probably garner more than a few iTunes downloads, but what really stands out is how creepily similar she looks to Ashlee Simpson after her post-Voice makeover. We expect to hear more from Juliet under Cee Lo’s management.

Blake Shelton’s former country crooner Raelynn performs her new single “Boyfriend,” which she helped write. The lyrics feel a bit like the first draft of a Taylor Swift song, but it’s catchy enough to get a little toe-tapping out of us. Luckily for Raelynn, she’s got her former coach and his wife’s concerts to open for as she continues to break into the country scene.

Christina Aguilera’s Season 2 finalist Chris Mann performs “Roads,” and talks about his life after the show. “It was such an honor to sing for Obama and his lovely wife,” Chris says, and then proceeds to plug every album and appearance he has coming up for the next year. Christina “Lotus” Aguilera taught him well.

The current season’s contestants also get their moments to shine before the final results are called. Terry McDermott and Cassadee Pope team up to sing Of Monsters And Men’s “Little Talks.” It’s utterly delightful to hear the two of them on a folksy song! The Icelandic band happens to be in the audience, and even they seem to truly enjoy Terry and Cassadee’s rendition. The rest of the audience, on the other hand, can’t quite figure out how to clap in time, but spend the entire song trying to work it out.

In a segment that can only be intended to promote NBC’s upcoming inspirational music show Trevin’s Affirmations*, Trevin Hunte and Nicholas David perform Mariah Carey’s “Hero” together.* We’re not quite sure how Nicholas got dragged into this, either, and it kind of feels like the moment when an unassuming football player realizes he’s been suckered into the glee club. Their voices are lovely, but it’s borderline ridiculous to watch two grown men attempt a serious performance of a Mariah Carey ’90s slow jam. It appropriately leads into the results.

Headed to the finals are Cassadee Pope and Terry McDermott from Team Blake, and Nicholas David from Team Cee Lo. That means that Trevin Hunte is sent packing. Though we’ll miss his angelic voice, we had reached our threshold on his easy listening covers as of late. Our DVRs are set for Trevin’s Affirmations next fall, only on NBC.

So do you agree with the results? Let us know in the comments below!

*If it wasn’t painfully obvious, we made Trevin’s Affirmations up. But now that he’s available, anything is possible, right?