Dido & Kendrick Lamar’s “Let Us Move On”: Hear Dido’s Brooding Return

Carl Williott | December 14, 2012 12:05 pm

Dido rose to prominence after Eminem used her hook on “Stan,” and for her return she has recruited another Dr. Dre acolyte, Kendrick Lamar. “Let Us Move On,” the lead single from Dido’s forthcoming Girl Who Got Away features a brooding, spare arrangement produced by Dido, her brother Rollo Armstrong and Kanye West‘s right-hand man Jeff Bhasker. You can hear Bhasker’s trademark blasts of vocal fuzz and droning bass, which is all balanced out nicely by Dido’s graceful vocals.

K-Dot jumps in two-thirds of the way through for a typically earnest, gapless verse about damaged relationships (“I heard when you fall out of love, the drop is steep”). It’s not quite as instantly memorable as “Stan,” but few pop songs are. Hear it after the jump.

[via NPR]

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