Did Justin Bieber Hit The Studio With Ed Sheeran For His Acoustic Album?

Carl Williott | December 19, 2012 11:14 am

Justin Bieber Tuesday night (December 18) tweeted “studio. #acoustic.” meaning he was probably working on his forthcoming unplugged album (due for a January 29 release). That same night, at about the same time, Bieber’s manager/mouthpiece Scooter Braun sent out a flurry of tweets saying he was watching an acoustic studio session involving Ed Sheeran. 

Braun capped everything off by saying, “Not gonna lie. There is magic in the studio tonight. Truly honored to be here.” Either he’s building up hype for the official announcement that Sheeran worked on Bieber’s acoustic album…or Bieber and Ed were in two totally different studios and we should all roll up our jump to conclusions mats. Either way, we’re excited to hear the results of that particular recording session. But seriously, it better be a collaboration. Head below to see the relevant tweets.

[via MTV]